Worldwide Adoption: Mexico & Argentina Flirt With Bitcoin Law

What started with El Salvador now sees Mexico and Argentina possibly looking to follow suit:

Worldwide Adoption: Mexico And Argentina Flirt With Bitcoin Law

The road to worldwide adoption starts with one step. El Salvador took it with their Bitcoin Law. After their announcement, every country in the region seems to be testing the waters in its own way. And now it’s Mexico and Argentina’s turn. If we take out Portuguese-speaking Brazil, these two are the biggest markets in Spanish-speaking Latin America. And they’re both flirting with Bitcoin and altcoins in a big way.

The conference is well underway, and so far there’s been no announcement. The rumor persists regardless. What’s in that particular Bitcoin Law? Not many people know for sure. However, El Salvador’s Director of Technological & Economic International Affairs, Mónica Taher, went on the record and just plain said a Mexican Bitcoin Law is coming.

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Master Asked on July 8, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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