With Bitcoin, Micropayments Work

Another example of “Bitcoin fixes this”:


New micropayment experiences are just getting started, and proliferating with Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

Before, we only had antiquated credit and debit cards — which require large, minimum purchase amounts; charge high fees; present large chargeback cost risk; offer no interoperability; introduce consumer input friction and challenges for international use; and have no flexibility to make them programmatic.

Today, we have Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Interoperable, global money, that can be moved in any amount, including nano-amounts, at the speed of bits. It’s being adopted rapidly, the fastest-growing tech of all time, and is the future of money.

We’re watching the growth of new consumer use cases showing fundamentally new interactions that have nano-payments at the heart of it. From people “liking” with money on submissions/replies with a click on Stacker News, streaming sats to podcasters on Fountain FM, earning and sending bitcoin in games by THNDR and Zebedee. And there are inklings that it could work for funding the decentralized messaging protocol’s utility-driven relays on Nostr, not to mention direct consumer nano-payment tipping akin to likes with zaps.

Full article here: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/culture/with-bitcoin-micropayments-can-work


Master Asked on March 6, 2023 in Bitcoin.
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