Winklevoss Twins – “Undervalued” Bitcoin Should Hit $500K

Bitcoin scarcity makes it more valuable and sound than anything, especially with recent revelations that gold will be mined from asteroids, and this is why the Winklevoss twins are saying Bitcoin is undervalued – and rightfully so

‘Undervalued’ Bitcoin Should Hit $500,000, Say Winklevoss Twins

“Bitcoin prices can reach over $500,000 apiece amidst government-led inflation of fiat currencies and the business interests in mining gold from asteroids, said crypto exchange Gemini founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss in a blog post yesterday.

The twins acknowledged that gold has historically served as a reliable store of value, with investors seeking a safety net against inflation causing the asset to trade at a higher premium—pushing prices beyond the demand for its actual consumption. And so far, this has borne well.

However, there’s trouble ahead for the yellow metal. The Winklevii said that, as gold’s supply in the observable universe remains unknown, it’s a scarce asset only on planet Earth.

‘The ‘Space Gold Rush’ has begun. The U.S. government has already enacted legislation that allows asteroid mining companies to own whatever they mine from asteroids, or otherwise obtain in space,’ the twins noted.”

Master Asked on August 28, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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