Willy Woo : Bitcoin Hitting $200K By December 2021 Is ‘ Now Conservative ‘

I hope all of you great people here have found yourselves well and your Bitcoin wallets overflowing !

Willy Woo has ” never been so bullish ” – and neither have I !!!

Bitcoin hitting $200K by December 2021 is now ‘conservative’ — Willy Woo

” Bitcoin (BTC) hitting $300,000 in just one year’s time is ‘ not out of the question, ‘ popular statistician Willy Woo says.

In a series of tweets on Dec. 1, Woo stated that he has ‘ never been so bullish ‘ on Bitcoin’s prospects for 2021.

Discussing potential price trajectory, he confirmed that he was looking at six figures by December next year.

‘ My Top Model suggesting $200K per BTC by end of 2021 looks conservative, $300K not out of the question, ‘ one post read. ”



Master Asked on December 2, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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