Why Bitcoin Is Still King

Was there ever any doubt?

Post-third halving and this morning we see the price at $9070


CoinDesk 50: Why Bitcoin Is Still King

“Bitcoin is king because it is actually useful to people who want to do more than experiment. This cryptocurrency project isn’t run by a group of youthful researchers publishing their homework in the hopes of stress-testing models with other people’s money. Bitcoin isn’t a lifestyle brand, even if some zealots congregate around it. It is just money, already today. It is a tool and not a promise. It’s value doesn’t rely on any single company. And that’s why, while startup dreams come and go like fashion trends, bitcoin remains resilient.

Lebanese entrepreneur Michel Haber, founder of the remote web services startup cNepho Global, now pays most of his contractors with bitcoin. ‘They would rather get their payments in bitcoin because they can cash out locally, wherever they are,’ Haber said. ‘I buy bitcoin peer-to-peer, and pay my developers the same way.’

Bitcoin Core contributor Sjors Provoost said perhaps one of the most bullish observations about Bitcoin is that development keeps ‘chugging along’ despite the coronavirus crisis. At a time when central banks are opening the money spigot to combat COVID-19, bitcoin’s fixed scarcity becomes more attractive than ever.”


Master Asked on May 13, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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