What’s Trending on Social Media?

“Dip”, “Buy”, and “Fed”. Remember the old miner on the cartoons who said “There’s gold in them thar hills!”? Well there’s cheap Bitcoin, too – Bitcoin is @ $42K right now so there’s an upside to this dip and it seems a lot are on to that now

‘Dip,’ ‘Buy’ and ‘Fed’ top trending topics on social media, per survey

“Over the past seven days, the top trending words on cryptocurrency social media are ‘dip,’ ‘buy’ and ‘Fed.’ Plus, the word ‘sell’ fell out of the top 10 trending topics on Thursday despite spiking sharply on Tuesday. According to crypto market data aggregator Santiment, social media users from Meta to Telegram to Twitter have formed a choir, and they’re all singing from the same hymn sheet. ‘Dip’ and ‘buy’ are the No. 1 and No. 3 trending words, respectively, while ‘Fed,’ or Federal Reserve, sits at number six.”

What's Trending on Social Media?



Master Asked on January 7, 2022 in Cryptocurrency.
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