What Would Deglobalization Mean For Bitcoin’s Price?


Interesting question considering the “globalization” at hand today is based on nations controlled by central banks…I think many would be surprised at just how different life would be free from the grip of the central banks and on a Bitcoin standard…

What Would Deglobalization Mean for Bitcoin’s Price?

“Many analysts say bitcoin can serve as an inflation hedge, like gold. So the current inflationary economic environment is a testing ground.
On the one hand, higher consumer prices – or, flipped around, any increases represent a reduction in the dollar’s purchasing power – could strengthen bitcoin’s appeal because the cryptocurrency’s ultimate supply is fixed. Some investors argue that bitcoin is “harder” money than the dollar because the Federal Reserve can always print more dollars.
On the other hand, the Fed also might move to tamp down inflation by tightening monetary policy, which could crimp economic growth and put downward pressure on stock prices and, lately, bitcoin has been unusually correlated with stocks. The last time the U.S. saw inflation at the current, elevated levels was in the early 1980s, and the Fed, then led by Paul Volcker, raised the benchmark interest rate to nearly 20%.
“How the price of bitcoin performs in an inflationary environment is untested,” said Garrick Hileman, blockchain technology researcher at London School of Economics and Political Science. “We don’t have thousands of years in history like we have with gold to look back on. This is the first time bitcoin [has] ever gone into a kind of broad inflationary cycle.””



Master Asked on April 19, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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