What Seven Banks Have Said About Bitcoin

It is going to be funny to look back after Bitcoin has acheived mainstream acceptance and adoption and see how these banks who spoke negatively on Bitcoin changed their tune:

What Seven Banks Have Said About Bitcoin

There’s little consensus of opinion about Bitcoin’s value among big investment banks.
While some banks have set up digital asset units, others have attacked Bitcoin over its volatility and environmental impact.
Bitcoin is now the world’s third-largest currency, according to a report by Deutsche Bank. And with the cryptocurrency soaring 750% to reach $60,000 this month—and a market cap in excess of $1 trillion—it’s become too big for the banks to ignore. But there’s little consensus among the big investment banks as to whether the asset class is a long-term value proposition—or even whether it’s a proposition at all.

US Federal Reserve chair Jay Powell has said that crypto assets are more for speculation than for payments; many banks agree, but sometimes their actions speak louder than their words. Here’s how the banks stack up in their views on Bitcoin.

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