What Mainstream Advisers Are Saying About Bitcoin

I found this interesting, note the word “mainstream” – Bitcoin cannot be denied much longer without making any adviser worth their salt look like a complete fool

“Arguably showing its ties to traditional markets in 2020, Bitcoin has also suffered falling prices. Contrary to its previous status as a volatile asset used for drug purchases, however, Bitcoin has found its way into the recommended section of financial advisor’s verbiage.

‘He’s been telling me to get out of stocks, but he’s been monitoring Bitcoin and telling me there’s a big deviation in trend from global indices,’ one client said of his advisor. ‘He’s watching and he’ll tell me when to buy,’ the client added.

‘Sell everything,’ another reportedly said, adding, ‘Buy BTC and Gold.’

‘Bitcoin is a binary game, it’s either going to be a 1 or a 0,’ a different advisor said, giving Bitcoin a pass/fail evaluation. ‘Blockchain may have promise, but it’s far too early to know,’ he added.

Although comments concerning Bitcoin were a mixed bag, the growing interest from financial advisors demonstrates an awareness of crypto as an asset class. This may indicate that the industry is moving forward in the public eye.”


Master Asked on March 12, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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