Venezeula to Start Collecting Taxes and Sanctions in Cryptocurrencies?

Ahh, the Petro again. Well, aside from that,peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading is at an ATH in the country

Venezeula Could Start Collecting Taxes And Sanctions in Cryptocurrencies

“According to the recent local report, the mayor of the Libertador Bolivarian Municipality signed the document after a presidential pass on behalf of the Bolivarian Council of Mayors. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has appointed the Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez to ‘guarantee that the harmonization of all taxes is maintained in order to avoid double taxation.’

Rogriguez will also be responsible for developing a combined platform and a monitoring system for companies that prefer paying taxes with the Petro.

…And while the country’s government officials are trying to implement the Petro as a legitimate payment method, citizens have become increasingly fond of Bitcoin. Data provided by reveals that the peer-to-peer BTC trading volume on the popular exchange LocalBitcoins recently reached a new all-time high in the local currency – Venezuelan Bolivar.”

Master Asked on August 12, 2020 in Cryptocurrency.
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