US Treasury…Self Custody Crypto Wallets To Be Targeted

The  US Treasury Dept just wants to uphold and embolden their masters’ power…all of this is nothing but talk and propaganda to keep their fiat based system alive and in control…

Self-Custody Crypto Wallets To Be Targeted by U.S. Treasury, According to Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo

“The United States is concerned about the risks posed by self-custody or unhosted crypto wallets, according to the U.S. Treasury’s Deputy Secretary, Wally Adeyemo.

Adeyemo says the U.S. Treasury is taking action to prevent the use of self-custody crypto wallets in facilitating illicit payments across the globe.

“We are working to address the unique risks associated with unhosted wallets. Because unhosted wallets are effectively just addresses on a blockchain, it can be difficult to determine who really owns and controls them – creating opportunities to abuse this heightened anonymity.

Fundamentally, financial institutions need to know who they are transacting and doing business with to make sure they are not making payments to criminals, sanctioned entities or others.

Adeyemo says the U.S. Treasury plans to offer unhosted crypto wallets the information necessary to help them block blacklisted or sanctioned individuals and entities from transacting.

“When it comes to unhosted wallets, we are working to provide them the information they need to avoid facilitating these kinds of illicit payments.”


Master Asked on June 14, 2022 in Cryptocurrency.
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