US Banking Titan BNY Mellon -Investors “Absolutely Interested” in Crypto

The banking giants aren’t saying anything new, in fact they have known the cat was out of the bag for some time now but now they can’t NOT say it or continue to deny it

Investors ‘Absolutely Interested’ In Crypto, US Banking Titan BNY Mellon Says

“Demissie said in quotes by Reuters.

‘What we see is clients are absolutely interested in digital assets, broadly’

The BNY Mellon digital assets chief spoke on a panel on cryptocurrency during the recent Afore Consulting’s 7th Annual FinTech and Regulation Conference.

During the fintech conference, Demissie referenced a research carried out by the world’s largest custodian bank last year, which found 91% – or more than $1 trillion in assets under management – of its institutional clients were interested in including tokenized products in their portfolios.

Robert Vince, the CEO of BNY Mellon, once remarked that ignoring cryptocurrencies would be like dismissing the invention of the computer. The fact that this viewpoint comes from one of the world’s oldest institutions makes it all the more significant.”



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