URGENT: ANYONE HERE HAVE ownership in Bitcards.com?


*** THE MATTER IS URGENT AND I REALLY NEED ASSISTANCE.  PLEASE!!!   (SHORT EXPLANATION : Deposit made from Bitcoin ATM into wallet address I generated using the function available on bitcard.com. SINCE REMOVED NOW.  Recieved notice the BTC was tx was complete and available from the BTC ATM operator.   Went to use the funds @ bitcard.com, balance shows zero.   I clicked onto BTC WALLET from menu, and viewed the generated wallets there.   When I clicked the BTC address titled MY WALLET’ it took me to blockchain.com showing the balance and other info.  However I couldn’t access the BTC, and support had no idea how to help me.   I will gladly explain more if someone can please help me.  I’ve spoken to Sarah liezel and another support for hours.  My username there is Taurusami

Advanced Asked on September 1, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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