UK Artist Lincoln Townley Selling Collection For Bitcoin

Always good to see more of this – UK-based artist Lincoln Townley is selling his Universe collection for Bitcoin

Leading UK artist is selling ‘Universe’ collection for Bitcoin

“Townley’s new collection, dubbed ‘Universe,’ centres on the cosmos. A vivid interstellar probe into extraterrestrial life, the works will feature paintings of bankers on Venus and discos on Mars. But while Towley’s collection won’t portray Bitcoin on the moon—a common crypto colloquialism—he’s more than willing to sell his art for Bitcoin.

Much like space itself, Townley’s intention is to continually expand his demographic. The new collection is held virtually on his studio website—extending art aficionados around the globe the option to buy his works. Going virtual also means Townley can accept virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin.”

Master Asked on June 26, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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