U.S. Congressman Emmer : Bitcoin Will Strengthen In The Pandemic

US Congressman Tom Emmer is very pro – Bitcoin and very well aware of what the non – federal Federal Reserve has been up to with its endless printing of dollars

Hocus Pocus Dollar

” In an interview on the Pomp podcast, U.S. congressman Tom Emmer discussed monetary policy for the world’s largest economy. Speaking with Morgan Creek digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano, Emmer criticized the federal reserve for printing money not even backed by paper bills.

Since the dollar went off the gold standard in 1971, Emmer exclaimed that the fed is simply creating debt which is just:

‘ hocus pocus… and all they’re trying to do is protect themselves. ‘ ”

And later in the same article :

” The Minnesota congressman expressed concern about how his colleague lawmakers view Bitcoin. Many of them hear bitcoin and still think Silk Road, the defunct illegal darknet marketplace.

He believes that the media misleads the public about security issues, such as the recent Twitter hack. That was a security issue with Twitter, not Bitcoin, he said.  ‘ Bitcoin isn’t the problem, centralization is. ‘ ”



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