Total Supply Of Bitcoin Will Not Be 21 Million?

Willy Woo states that the total supply will be more likely around 17 million which =’s to about .002 BTC per person on this earth

With uncertainty in the air, and a dollar on the brink of demise, investors are increasingly turning to gold and Bitcoin. Both assets beat out the stock market’s returns this year, but even Bitcoin has outperformed gold by more than three times, due to just how scarce the supply of the cryptocurrency is.

The blockchain network was coded to over time unlock only 21 million BTC – nothing more. But Bitcoin expert Willy Woo warns, there are actually far less.

Woo says that as many as 4 million BTC were lost in the “fight for being acknowledged as something valuable in the early days.”

What Woo means by this, is that the earliest holders of Bitcoin had no idea what it would ultimately become in terms of value. Would you have taken perfect care of something that was virtually worthless? The answer is no, and potentially millions of BTC are lost forever due to misplaced private keys, death, or by sending coins to the wrong address.

Master Asked on October 29, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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