Top English Cricketer Kevin Pietersen Latest To Enter The Bitcoin World

Another day and another name joins us in the Bitcoinsphere: top  cricket player Kevin Pietersen:

Top English Cricketer Kevin Pietersen Acknowledges Bitcoin

The Bitcoin and altcoin space never ceases to have new entries. From giant firms to government-back institutions and celebrities all joining the party, it’s no gain to say that the world has yet to witness the full-blown potential of crypto.

Today, the latest entrant into the crypto-world is a prominent and controversial former batsman from England, Kevin Petersen.

Petersen’s declaration of his closeness to joining the Bitcoin world means he would be following the order of Shoaib Akhtar, an ex-Pakistani cricketer who launched the world’s first cricket-centric NFT marketplace only last week.

The interest of the high-profile ex-internationals in the digital assets is proof of the cricket world’s gradual delve into the crypto charming world.

On his Twitter handle on Monday, Kevin Pietersen conveyed that after a fruitful discussion with McCormac, he’s “getting closer & closer to joining the #bitcoin world.”

I’m getting closer & closer to joining the #bitcoin world. Thanks to all of you who got me into @PeterMcCormack, we had a fantastic learning discussion!

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