Tony Hawk Bought Bitcoin In 2012

Pro skateboard legend Tony Hawk is a fan and holder of Bitcoin, he gave a fireside chat at this past weekend’s festivities:

Professional Skateboarder Tony Hawk Admits to Buying Bitcoin in 2012

Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk announced that he had first purchased Bitcoin in 2012 after discovering how it worked on Silk Road

The skateboarding legend was speaking at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami this weekend. Hawk spoke about his personal experience with digital currencies in a fireside chat titled “Countercultures Go Mainstream.”

The conversation was related to skateboarding and how cryptocurrencies are similar in terms of cultural adoption.

Hawk commented on the topic, saying “If you’re doing something you truly love, you’re not truly working.” He related this comment to crypto, “If you’re working in some sort of Bitcoin facet or world, and you’re enjoying what you’re doing, I think you should stick with it.”

Hawk compared the slow rise in skateboarding popularity to that of the crypto market, saying that bitcoin had risen in popularity much faster than skateboarding had.

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