Tone Vays’ll Sell His Apartment To Buy Bitcoin

Got a laugh out of this one:

Crypto Trader Tone Vays Predicts Fresh Bitcoin Breakdown Incoming, Says He’ll Sell His Apartment for BTC If This Happens

But, he adds, there’s a range where he’s planning to sell his apartment to buy more Bitcoin: BTC at $2,750-$2,950 – his ultimate low.

“I think now we’re getting to a point where Bitcoin is finding its equilibrium…

I still think Bitcoin will fall below $5,000 one more time. I still think – as crazy as it is for me to say – I don’t think there’s been enough pain. I don’t think there’s been enough frustration…

I don’t believe $1,000 is going to happen. I will panic if Bitcoin goes to $1,000. I don’t expect that. If Bitcoin goes below $3,000, the followers of this channel will be prepared mentally and hopefully financially as well.

Do I still think that we are going to fall below $5,000 one more time? The answer is I actually do. I think we will fall below $5,000 one more time. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be next week. And you know what, it could be after the halving.”

Full article here: ***-sell-his-apartment-for-btc-if-this-happens/

Master Asked on March 14, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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