Tone Vays – Bitcoin Buy the Dip Zone Now $11K

The time is now and we might not see any of those “cheap Bitcoins” below $11K – according to Tone Vays

‘I would not short’ — Bitcoin buy the dip zone now $11K, says Tone Vays

“’So if I am to buy the dip, where would the perfect dip be? Well, the perfect dip would be… around $11,000.’

The advice came immediately after a warning not to short the current correction — a further indication that expectations remain skewed to the upside.

The trend towards $11,000 may also break down early, in which case a buy area of between $11,537 and $11,570 would be suitable, says Vays, pointing to two technical highs from previous daily candles.”


Master Asked on October 15, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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