Tom Brady: ‘I Want to be a Pioneer’ in Crypto

NFL great Tom Brady gives some insight into his recent plunge into the world of cryptocurrency:

Tom Brady: ‘I Want to be a Pioneer’ in Crypto

Brady discussed his recent foray into blockchain and why he decided to work with FTX, a rapidly growing crypto exchange that has uniquely adopted a charitable mission. The exchange has committed to donating 1% of all “net fees” to charity and has raised $10 million thus far.

Brady said that crypto aside, it was FTX’s charitable mission that really attracted him to the company: “I got a call about a partnership,” he recalled. The call was from “a guy I work with who has a lot of great knowledge about this space. He said, I really think this would be something you would be interested in.” Brady said he was intrigued by the pitch and started digging into the company, which led to an investment and his current role.

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