Today’s Episode Of “One Step Closer To Worldwide Adoption”: January 10th

Bitcoin is touching people across the globe, from beaches in El Salvador to farms in Portugal as we move toward worldwide adoption.


In the conversation for this article, Julia joined me from her home in Southern Portugal to chat about her homestead, local community and Bitcoin. I found many parallels between how Julia talks about Bitcoin and homesteading with what I have heard from many homesteaders and farmers in the U.S. during my trip across the country this summer. The work to understand and work on Bitcoin or a farm demand high upfront investment and very low time preference.

In my conversation with Julia, we touched on her backstory as a German who moved her life to Portugal, the growth of the Bitcoin meetup in her local community and what it takes to operate a homestead that feeds her family.

Sidd: Let’s start with a bit of your backstory. Tell me about how you ended up in Portugal. Why did you move there and why did you stay?

Julia: I’m originally from Germany, and coming to Portugal was really just a part of something that happens to you when you’re in your late teens or early 20s. I first set foot on Portuguese terrain when I was 19 — I wanted to travel, so I looked around for some jobs. I found an opportunity to work in Portugal for three months, and I thought I would travel on to some other country after. But then, as life happens, I got offered a full-time job and I thought, “Yes, I’m going to resettle here in Portugal.”

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