There Are Now Over 7000 Bitcoin/Crypto ATMs Worldwide

From the 1st in 2013, there are now over 7000 Bitcoin/crypto atms worldwide with the number growing by the day

There Are Now Over 7,000 Cryptocurrency ATMs Worldwide

“The world saw its first Bitcoin ATM in 2013, when a company called Robocoin placed a machine in a Vancouver coffee shop. Allowing customers to trade Bitcoin for cash, and vice versa, the machine saw $10,000 in BTC transacted on its launch day.

At present, 42 different manufacturers are responsible for the 7,000 global crypto ATMs. Only two locations host Robocoin ATMs, CoinATMRadar data showed. Genesis Coin sits in the lead with machines in 2,348 locations.”

Master Asked on March 3, 2020 in Cryptocurrency.
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