The Unknown Fund: Mysterious Bitcoin Fund

I remember reading about this a while back, not sure if anything on this was posted here but for those that might be interested

Mysterious Bitcoin Fund Completes $75M Donation to Preserve Privacy

“The Unknown Fund claims to have now donated a total of $75 million to groups and companies working on privacy preserving technology. The Anonymous-promoted Bitcoin fund was first detailed in mid-November.

The origins of the funds are largely unknown and, of course, the beneficiaries of the donations are also keeping quiet. The secrecy has understandably created scepticism amongst observers.

The decentralised hackivist group Anonymous first detailed the Unknown Fund on November 13 via a press release. It claimed that the $75 million in Bitcoin would go towards groups or companies working on privacy-enhancing technologies.

Other than Anonymous’s involvement, and the motive and value of the fund, there is little known about the origins of the Unknown Fund. The release only calls them “ordinary, anonymous people from different countries” that met on 4chan.”

Master Asked on December 12, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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