The Seemingly Never Ending, Ongoing Craig “Faketoshi” Wright Saga Continues….


Talk about having legs…this thing seems to have been going on forever and in this latest installment, we find that the UK’s High Court has ruled that Faketoshi CW put forth false evidence and in turn has been awarded $1.23 (1 pound) in damages….And if anyone is wondering, this dude isn’t Satoshi…

Self-Professed ‘Bitcoin Inventor’ Craig Wright Advanced ‘False Evidence’ in Libel Lawsuit: UK Court

“Prior to the trial, Wright claimed he had been disinvited from various academic conferences and events after McCormack sent several tweets asserting that Wright was not the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakomoto, but a “fraud.”

McCormack then filed evidence from the organizers of some of the events concerned, disputing Wright’s claims.

Wright then changed his case, withdrawing significant amounts of the evidence he had earlier submitted, claiming that the errors were inadvertent. Judge Chamberlain rejected this explanation as untrue.

Although the judge also found that McCormack’s tweets had caused serious harm, even without evidence of retracted invitations from academic conferences, he took the false case into account when making his judgment and granted Wright damages to the tune of just £1.

The judge added that the false case warranted “more than a mere reduction” in damages, and concluded that it was “unconscionable” for Wright to receive anything more than a nominal amount.”


Master Asked on August 1, 2022 in Cryptocurrency.
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