The Seemingly Never-Ending Craig Wright Saga Continues…

Just when you thought the story was over… This latest installment finds “Dr” Craig Wright accused of plagiarism, putting that “doctor” title in question as it pertains to his doctoral thesis…

Plagiarism Speculations Around Craig Wright’s PhD Thesis Put His Doctor Title In Question

“According to the analysis, at least thirty pages of Wright’s thesis contain plagiarized aspects including sentences that are taken verbatim without citations. In many cases, Wright substituted synonyms every few words but for the most part, he did not even change the sentence structure to avoid plagiarism detection tools.

First, this may point to Wright’s recklessness in not bothering to cover his tracks. In almost every case, he did not even bother to change the sentence order. Wright said that these were citations that his copy editor and style editor forgot to include.

However, full charts, diagrams, and ideas seem to be pieced together from several sources without any semblance of synthesizing the information or extrapolating into new or innovative conclusions.”

Master Asked on May 6, 2020 in Cryptocurrency.
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