The Schools And Bitcoin Project To Bring Bitcoin Education To 40 Schools In Argentina

High school students in 40 schools in Argentina will now be educated on the importance of Bitcoin through the Schools and Bitcoin Project

Jimena Valone, institutional development coordinator for Bitcoin Argentina and lead of the Schools and Bitcoin Project, said “There is a desire to innovate, to know what is happening with Bitcoin and blockchain, to train and learn.”

Valone continued to explain “All this was the starting point to start thinking about the project, which begins with 40 schools, but we hope to have a great number. It is designed to serve more and more educational institutions, of various characteristics and regions.”

A report from Chainalysis shows that Argentina is ranked second in Latin America for the adoption of cryptocurrencies, following Venezuela. Argentina also ranks tenth globally. The diverse regions of Argentina will be represented by the 4,000 students expected to take part in the program.

“The content used will be varied, changing with each school. Argentina is a diverse country, so it is necessary to think about each context when introducing the material,” said Valone.


Master Asked on May 20, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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