The Neverending Saga Of Craig “Faketoshi” Wright Sadly Continues….

Here we go again….Craig has no shame and no pride to worry about losing….he lost that a long time ago or else he would have just stopped…but now he can’t. Here’s the latest…poor Hodlonaut…

Craig Wright Claims to Have Destroyed Hard Drive With Satoshi Wallet Keys

“For years, Australian computer scientist – Craig Wright – has claimed that he is the mythical figure who created Bitcoin. But according to the crypto community, the truth cannot be further away. The man’s credibility has taken yet another hit amid the latest lawsuit with his involvement.

It cannot get more bizarre than this.

Lack of Evidence, Yet Again
Wright first gained notoriety in 2015 after an anonymous tip led to parallel investigations by several media outlets deeming him Satoshi. However, several other investigations found that the “flimsy evidence” put forward in the name of proof was highly insufficient. Wright went on a press tour the following year, wherein he claimed to be the Bitcoin founder himself.

After countless failed attempts, he is no longer trying to prove he is Satoshi with cryptography. Instead, Wright claims to have destroyed his only proof after he “stomped on the hard drive” containing “key slices” required to access Satoshi Nakamoto’s private keys, according to his statement at a Norwegian court, thereby making it incredibly difficult to prove his claim “cryptographically.”

The Australian computer scientist has, so far, been unable to defend his assertion, and it is currently the issue at the center of his trial in Norway. Simultaneously, Wright is also engaged in a legal tussle against crypto Twitter personality Hodlonaut over a series of tweets that the latter made deeming Wright a “scammer” and a “fraud.”

When Hodlonaut’s lawyer, Ørjan Haukaas, proceeded to ask if had deliberately destroyed the hard drive, Wright responded,

“I didn’t want to encourage the arguments that you need keys. Yes, you could say this is a risk, but I think it’s the most important thing I’ve done in my life.”


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