The Latest In The Seemingly Never Ending, Ongoing Craig “Faketoshi” Wright Saga

The story that never seems to end just might…maybe, just maybe Craig will ride off into the sunset and crawl under a rock somewhere but I doubt it….I’ll probably be posting another thread some time down the road on this subject….

Why Self Proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright Must Pay $100M In Damages

“The civil action has finally concluded with the jury at Miami’s federal court deciding that Wright must pay $100 million in damages to Kleiman. According to the verdict, Wright “cheated” on his former partner over the intellectual allegedly attributed to Bitcoin’s creation.

Per a Bloomberg report, the jury took over a week to finally reveal their decision. Conversely, the people that comprised the legal entity determined that Wright is innocent in “most of the claims” made against his person.

Unlike in previous instances, Wright claimed that he won’t be appealing the decision and took the opportunity to reiterate his claim as the Bitcoin inventor. In a post-trial statement, he said that the verdict in fact proves that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. The report adds:

I feel remarkably happy and vindicated. I am not a fraud, and I never have been (…). The jury has obviously found that I am because there would have been no award otherwise. And I am.”


Master Asked on December 7, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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