“The Dollar is Going to Self Destruct”: Ron Paul

‘The Dollar Is Going to Self Destruct’: Talking Bitcoin With Ron Paul

I”t’s not shocking, then, that Ron Paul is privy to Bitcoin. He and his son, former presidential candidate and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, accept bitcoin for their political foundation.

Dr. Paul attended this year’s Consensus conference as a guest of the Digital Asset Policy Network (DAPNet), a cryptocurrency policy and lobbying non-proft led by veteran campaign manager Jesse Benton and Bitcoin Center Founder Nick Spanos. During the conference, Bitcoin Magazine sat down with Dr. Paul to discuss his views on bitcoin as a disruptive and sovereign asset. Our conversation showed that gold bugs have more in kind with bitcoiners than not (and it’s also a good reminder that bitcoin is not age specific — not every old bull is a salty no-coiner à la Warren Buffet).”



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