The Central African Republic Bitcoin Story is Not Confirmed


There’s a story making the rounds covered by quite a few crypto-outlets this morning stating that the Central African Republic has “reportedly” adopted Bitcoin but things aren’t confirmed in the least bit just yet. Below I’ll post one of the example articles and then one reporters dig for what is really going on via Bitcoinist

The Central African Republic reportedly passes a bill to regulate crypto use

Did The Central African Republic Adopt Bitcoin As Legal Tender? Here’s The 411

“As it turns out, the Central African Republic did not adopt bitcoin as legal tender. Yesterday, a Forbes Monaco article took the bitcoin world by storm. It said an African country had followed El Salvador’s footsteps and adopted BTC as a currency within its borders. The weird thing was, no other major outlets picked up on the news. Not even Forbes’ main site. Also, the article mentioned bitcoin in the title, but later on, switched and talked about cryptocurrencies in general.

What’s the real story, then? On April 21st, the Central African Republic’s National Assembly unanimously approved the “Bill Governing Cryptocurrency.” That much is true. What does the bill actually say? The press doesn’t know for sure, but, some tidbits have surfaced here and there. Let’s explore them and see what we can gather.”


Master Asked on April 25, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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