The Bitcoin Awareness Game…Spreading The Good Word About Bitcoin

I’m all for spreading the word about Bitcoin so this definitely piqued my interest….

The Bitcoin Awareness Game: Spreading the Word About BTC

“The crypto space has poured a lot of effort into mainstreaming digital assets. Attempts range from accepting international standards on money laundering, to offering Ethereum NFTs based on Hollywood blockbusters. Now, Bitcoiners have their own intuitive strategy to spread the word of crypto’s marquee asset: street art.

‘We receive pictures from all over the world from Bitcoiners who want to earn some satoshis for spreading the word about Bitcoin,’ pretyflaco, the pseudonymous organizer of the Bitcoin Awareness Game, told Decrypt.

According to the organizer, the Bitcoin Awareness Game also takes Bitcoin’s relationship with art to another level. ‘Other Bitcoin artists have joined the Bitcoin Awareness Game with their designs that before were confined either to the internet, or sold to private collectors,’ adding that “public places are the best place for art—where everyone can see it.”


Master Asked on September 28, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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