The Biggest Opportunity Of 2020?

Why Bitcoin, of course!


Bitcoin: The Biggest Opportunity Of 2020

“This article seeks to answer the question, what is the biggest investment opportunity of 2020? First and foremost, you are not likely to find it in the stock market with current frothy conditions. Bonds and gold provide decent opportunities. If you believe that we are in the late stages of the business cycle, being long bonds is the best way to articulate that view without taking the outsized risk of shorting equities. Meanwhile, negative yielding bonds in Europe and Japan, geopolitical tension, and foreign central bank demand have created the perfect storm for gold prices. Commodities are inexpensive, but if global industrial production continues to lag, base metals and other commodities will remain cheap. For context on lagging industrial production, the current print on the ISM is 47.2. There has been a 65% chance of recession whenever the ISM dropped below 50, and a 100% chance whenever the ISM crossed below 46. Despite this, neither stocks, bonds, gold, nor commodities offer the same risk/return profile of the asset class I am about to propose. The biggest opportunity of 2020 and beyond is Bitcoin.”

Master Asked on January 20, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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