The Beauty of Bitcoin

Michelle Phan, the first woman to acquire more than 1 million YouTube followers is now going all-in on Bitcoin and spreading the good word of Bitcoin to her followers

Michelle Phan: The Beauty of Bitcoin

“The first woman to gain more than a million YouTube subscribers is now going all-in on bitcoin to promote financial freedom to her loyal fanbase.

‘I kind of view bitcoin as similar to YouTube, which was part of the decentralization of content,’ said beauty mogul Michelle Phan. ‘[Bitcoin] is the decentralization of power.’

Phan, who turned online beauty tutorials into a $50 million business, learned about bitcoin while researching gold in 2011. When Phan started raking in money on YouTube, she wanted to diversify her holdings.

Phan was attracted to the ‘philosophy of bitcoin’ and already had a knack for teaching online. Jack Dorsey is perhaps the only other bitcoin mogul with a comparably mainstream reputation.”

Master Asked on May 10, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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