Survey Says: 9% Of US Teens Have Traded In Crypto

A new survey says that nearly 1 in ten US teenagers have traded in cryptocurrency. My crystal ball says in a few years, those numbers will be closer to 70-80% at the least.

According to a new survey by investment bank Piper Sandler, 9% of U.S. teenagers say they have traded in cryptocurrencies. The 41st iteration of Piper Sandler’s semi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” survey polled 7,000 teenagers, meaning that about 630 of those surveyed said they had traded in cryptocurrencies. Of those who said they’d traded in crypto, 81% were male. However, the survey did not gather any further information regarding which cryptocurrencies were traded, or whether the respondents were holding their crypto, or actively buying and selling on a regular basis.

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