Surging Bitcoin Mining Stocks Outperform Tech-Heavy Shares in 2023

If everyone in the Bitcoinisphere can just hold a little longer, everything and everyone is going to be sitting very pretty

Surging Bitcoin Mining Stocks Outperform Tech-Heavy Shares in 2023: Report

“Several public Bitcoin miners were on the brink of bankruptcy at the end of last year. But the latest rally in the market infused a sense of careful optimism into the Bitcoin mining sector, resulting in massive gains for most associated stocks.

Bitcoin Mining Stocks for the Win
As Bitcoin miners slowly escape the incessant bear trap, stocks related to the sector are now seeing a notable resurgence.

According to BTC mining expert Jaran Mellerud, bitcoin mining stocks have suddenly rallied alongside the price of the flagship crypto-asset in 2023, allowing “wound-licking mining stock investors to regain some of their massive losses.”

As BTC amassed 80% YTD gains, the HI Crypto Mining Stock Index raked 115% during the same period. In the process, the industry’s leading mining firms have not only outpaced Bitcoin itself but also the top tech stocks. Even the tech-heavy NASDAQ 100 Index only managed a 20% gain so far this year.”


Master Asked on April 20, 2023 in Bitcoin.
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