Strike CEO Jack Mallers Explains Bitcoin To Kids On Lily’s Show

Even the kids are getting in on Bitcoin, it seems. I’d never heard of it but this “show” centers around a little girl interviewing prominent people in the Bitcoin/cryptosphere it would seem. I don’t know if children this age will have much of an interest in any of this but what can it hurt, by the time they’e going into high school, Bitcoin should be as large a facet of eveyday life as cellphones.

Strike CEO Jack Maulers was interviewed on Lily’s Show where he explained bitcoin and what it is in kid-friendly language. Lily’s Show which is hosted by 4-year-old Lily Knight is gradually gaining popularity in the space as the go-to channel for those who want to get kids involved in the space. In its latest episode, Maulers talks to Lily about the uses of bitcoin and why a currency like this is important.

Master Asked on March 4, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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