Spam Attack?

Spam Attack? Bitcoin Average Block Size Suddenly Spikes to Over 3MB

“For July 13 and 14, the average block size suddenly jumped from around 1 megabyte to over 3 megabytes — by far the highest average in Bitcoin’s history.

While the data is not repeated across other monitoring resources, VeriBlock will likely fuel existing speculation its activities overload the Bitcoin network with transactions, which are not genuine.

The company has refuted that idea, its website still hosting comments from educator Andreas Antonopoulos from January, when he discussed VeriBlock and the issue of “spam” transactions.

Despite the block size increasing, however, Bitcoin’s fee market appeared little changed in recent days. Getting a transaction processed within six blocks cost 7 satoshis per byte on July 13, and 8 per byte the following day, data from reports.”

Master Asked on July 15, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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