Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec: Bitcoin’s Price Will Quantuple Long-Term

You know, I had forgotten  Herjavec was was pro-Bitcoin…he’s bullish af, unlike co-host Mark Cuban, but a bit confused and needs to do just a bit more studying as you’ll see below…

Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec Says Bitcoin’s Price Will ‘Quantuple’ Long-Term

“Robert Herjavec, Multi-millionaire co-host of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank,’ said Bitcoin (BTC) is currently valued at only a fraction of its long-term potential.

‘I think the price of Bitcoin, on a long-term basis, will quantuple, if that’s a word,’ Herjavec told Kitco News in a Feb. 25 interview.

After speaking on gold, expressing that he is not a ‘big believer’ in the precious metal on the investing side, Herjavec said he favors the future of the digital payment sector, naming Bitcoin specifically.

‘Consumers, over the long run, always go to convenience, and Bitcoin is just convenience,’ Herjavec said.”


Master Asked on February 27, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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