“Selfish” Husband Set To Blow Half His Inheritance On Bitcoin…?

…and this is a problem, how? In all actuality, I get the crux of the issue BUT, if this guy hodls, they are going to be sitting on a small fortune down the road….! This is one that’ll be interesting to see…if she leaves him and he gets rich she’s going to really be salty hahaha

Warning As ‘Selfish’ Husband Set To Blow Half His Inheritance on Bitcoin

“A man’s plan to spend half of his inheritance on cryptocurrency has been slammed online after his wife raged about the decision.

The wife took to popular forum Mumsnet to gain opinions on her situation, following a row about how her husband should spend a £15,000 ($17,600) inheritance.

Squabbles about money are far from rare. In fact, according to research by Ramsey Solutions, money is the number one issue that married couples argue about.

The issue doesn’t only affect those who have tied the knot. A survey by finance site Cashlorette found that 48 percent of Americans in a serious relationship argue about finances.

For this woman, a £15,000 inheritance has become between her marriage, with her husband gaining the lump sum from his late aunt. They are financially comfortable but “not loaded” and have a “huge” mortgage.

“My husband wants to put the entire amount into Bitcoin,” she wrote. “He’s reluctantly agreed to just put half into Bitcoin and the other half into our joint ISA.”

“For reference, I am the bread winner by a country mile and we share all of our income. I never question this so it now feels unfair that his money is ‘his’ money when for a long time i’ve earned much more and it’s all been shared money.”

“Am I being unreasonable to think this is selfish?” she asked.

Much like the wife, Mumsnet users were angry at the husband for his choice on where to invest his money…”



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