Schnorr & Taproot Upgrade Proposal….

Bitcoin just keeps getting better and better by the day….

The latest…the Schnorr and Taproot upgrade has been merged into Bitcoin Core….

Schnorr and Taproot Upgrade Proposal Merged Into Bitcoin Core

“The implementation of the Schnorr/Taproot consensus rules has been merged into Bitcoin Core. However, the upgrade’s activation method has yet to be determined.

The pull request was originally created by Bitcoin Core contributor Pieter Wuille on September 13th and has gone through extensive review and testing over the past month. Over 150 developers also participated in a 7-week review club for the proposal which was led by Anthony Towns back in November of 2019.

This upgrade has been highly anticipated due to its potential to increase Bitcoin’s smart contract capabilities while simultaneously benefiting its transactional privacy.”


Master Asked on October 15, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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