Saylor Stands Strong With His “Bitcoin To $1 Million” Forecast

Satoshi said a long time ago that Bitcoin will either fail and go to zero or its price range will be infinite. Michael Saylor touts a similar view except he does not see Bitcoin failing and instead sees it reaching $1million BTC:

Saylor on BTC: “If it’s not going to zero, it’s going to a million”
Meanwhile, unapologetically bullish was MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, whose own comments to mainstream media firmly brushed aside any suggestion of permanent price downside.

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Those who claimed that Bitcoin would be banned or go to zero, he told CNBC on June 8, had already been “discredited.”

“If the deniers are wrong and the skeptics are wrong — and it’s pretty obvious they’re both wrong at this point — it’s not going to zero, and if it’s not going to zero, it’s going to a million,” Saylor forecast.

While nothing new, Saylor being “very bullish on where we go from here” increasingly grates with the downbeat perspective on risk assets across the board in the new era of central bank monetary tightening.

As Cointelegraph recently reported, some believe that it will take until the next block subsidy halving in 2024 for a meaningful price recovery to enter.

Saylor, meanwhile, said that when it comes to buying more BTC for its existing reserves, there was no point in “timing the market.”

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