Samson Mow – Bitcoin Will Survive Failure of “Any Giant” in Crypto

Bitcoin cares not about FTX or any of these so-called “giants” in crypto says Samson Mow – and he is right

Bitcoin will survive failure of ‘any giant’ in crypto, Samson Mow says

“As FTX contagion continues to spread across the industry, one can expect the worst scenarios for some of the world’s largest crypto firms. Addressing the question of whether Bitcoin would survive a hypothetical event where crypto giants like Tether or Binance collapse, Mow expressed confidence that Bitcoin is designed to defeat any issue, stating:

‘Bitcoin will overcome any issue simply due to its design and the irrefutable need for sound money in human civilization. The failure of any giant would only be a temporary setback, just as Mt. Gox’s impact is no longer of relevance.’”


Master Asked on November 22, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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