Russian Lawmakers: Revamped Bill Restricting Bitcoin & Crypto

“Due to inherent risks…” Oh, Russia – get with the times. All one can do is laugh at craptastic takes such as this:

Russian Lawmakers Introduce Revamped Bill Restricting Bitcoin and Crypto

In an interview with Interfax, Alexei Guznov, director of the central bank’s legal department, says the Bank of Russia is moving to impose restrictions on Bitcoin and other crypto assets due to inherent risks.

According to Guznov, the central bank of Russia has finalized a draft of the country’s bill on digital financial assets, impacting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

“We are against institutions for organizing the production of cryptocurrency in Russia…

We are opposed to the fact that there are institutions that organize the release of cryptocurrency and facilitate its circulation. But if a person who owns, conditionally, bitcoins, completes his transaction in a jurisdiction that does not prohibit this, we are unlikely to be able to limit it to this.”

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