Robot Dogs to Find Lost Bitcoin?

James Howells who lost 8000 BTC on that hard drive he dumped in a landfill several years ago is going to employ robot dogs supposedly to find his lost hard drive  -to the tune of $11Ml if he does indeed go through with the plan

These Robot Dogs Can Dig Up Lost Bitcoin – And Be Used As Killing Machines

“Bitcoins are like gold. They are precious and must be kept safe at all times. But, this man from Wales realized that too late.

James Howells, who made news after losing 8,000 bitcoins on a hard drive he discarded in a local landfill nine years ago, has a cunning plan to retrieve his cryptocurrency.

But first, let’s do a quick conversion: As of this writing, Bitcoin is trading at $21,088 (down nearly 6% in the last seven days). At 8,000 units, Howells could be $170 million richer — if he does get those bitcoins back.

The 36-year-old engineer may still have a shot at getting those discarded bitcoin back and it’s going to cost him a lot: $11 million. This is actually the figure he is planning to shell out for the grand retrieval operation.

Now, in order to execute his plan, he’s going to enlist the services of two “animals” – robot dogs – that cost $75,000 each. Their mission: to excavate the landfill and sort through 110,000 pounds of rubbish.

(Nothing to worry there, really, because these canines don’t complain like humans do; the engineer will just want to make sure they have enough battery-power to do the job).

The reason why this dude needs two robodogs is that one of them will work while the other is charging.

His plan is backed by two venture capitalists, Karl Wendeborn and Hanspeter Jaberg, and would involver a number of engineers and experts to help dig up the precious crypto.”


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