Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin Will Reach $500,000 Over Next Two Years

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki is saying he believes we’ll see Bitcoin hit $500,00 within the next two years amidst a giant crash and possible depression:

Bestselling Finance Author Says Bitcoin Will Reach $500,000, But What Will Drive It?

In a recent tweet, Kiyosaki told his over 2.3 million followers on Twitter that he expects the price of Bitcoin to reach $500,000 in the next two years. The author highlights this during a time when the markets remain in an uncertain position due to not knowing what the Federal Reserve will do to curb inflation.

Kiyosaki explained that he expects the price of the digital asset to actually reach $500,000 by 2025 because the Fed will actually keep printing more money. He has previously said that the declining faith in the U.S. dollar would be the trigger for this rally and he reiterated this once more.

According to the writer, while bitcoin will hit $500,000, other asset classes such as gold and silver will hit $5,000 and $500, respectively, in the same year. He refers to bitcoin as the ‘people’s dollar’ at a time when he expects a giant crash and even a depression.

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