Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author Warns of Worst “Crash in World History”

Kiyosaki is back in the news again and he is spreading the word about an impeding monetary collapse the world has never seen the likes of. And what might he offer as hope? Bitcoin.

From yahoo! finance:

Robert Kiyosaki, author of New York Times bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and founder of The Rich Dad Company, is sounding the alarm about an impending recession, recently tweeting a warning about an impending “biggest crash in world history.” He predicted that it would be a long economic downturn and encouraged people to buy and invest in gold, silver, and bitcoin (BTC-USD) while they can.

Kiyosaki joined Yahoo Finance Live to discuss why he thinks a market crash is coming as well as his outlook for bitcoin and other stores of value.

“What [economist James Rickards] says is quite accurate—the next crash is basically an avalanche waiting for the last snowflake, and since 2008 all they’ve been doing is piling more debt onto the mountainside,” Kiyosaki said. “And they’re just waiting for the next snowflake to hit. And that’s going to be the biggest in world history. I thought COVID was it, but they just added more debt onto the avalanche site.”


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