Raoul Pal – Bitcoin Offers Rare Chance to Beat Wall Street

The past several years sicne Bitcoin’s inception has given us few the opportunity to build for our future – it is good to hear others echo this

Raoul Pal Delivers Ominous Stock Market Warning, Says Bitcoin Offers Rare Chance to Beat Wall Street

“I think that knowing we can front-run every institution, this is a retail revolution driven from the ground up and when we see that we, retail investors, are going to be ahead of the pension plans, the family offices, the corporate treasurers and everybody else involved in the space, they’re all coming… Wait till the Bitcoin ETF gets launched, wait till it becomes easier to buy the products and find it easier for other people who are not involved in the space.

It’s going to suck more people in. The more it goes, people come in, the more the market cap goes up. The more the market cap goes up, the more it sucks people in. I think we’re going to have a reflexive loop that is going to be enormous in this space.

It’s coming and we get to front run it and it’s the world’s hardest currency. It’s the hardest currency we’ve ever had by any definition, and it’s *** easy to use and transfer around so I really think that Bitcoin from every level looks like the best bet.”



Master Asked on October 19, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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