Price of Tomorrow Author: Bitcoin A ‘Must’ & A ‘Lifeboat’

Jeff Booth, author of Price of Tomorrow recently stated he believes Bitcoin is “a must”. As time passes, it should be clear to everyone that Bitcoin is the best choice for bringing us out of the ills fiat has brought upon us

Price of Tomorrow Author Jeff Booth Calls Bitcoin A ‘Must’ And A ‘Lifeboat’

Booth highlighted that the solution might lie with the first-ever cryptocurrency in these times of economic uncertainties. He asserted that in “my humble opinion – Bitcoin is a ‘must.’”

By exploring his book, which full name is “the price of tomorrow: why deflation is the key to an abundant future,” one might find his conclusion is somewhat expected.

Released in January 2020, Booth’s book outlined several topics that became more relevant since then. One of the chapters dedicated to “printing money” examines the adverse effects of excessive amounts of fiat currencies printed in relatively short periods. Something that occurred merely months after the book was published following the COVID-19 crisis.

Some of the consequences described in the book predict abnormally increasing inflation that would eventually lead to the devaluation of fiat currencies. As such, bringing out Bitcoin as a “lifeboat,” not just for wealth, sounds rather logical.

After all, BTC is pre-programmed to operate as a deflationary asset. The production of new bitcoins is reduced roughly every four years following an event called halving. Adding the pre-set maximum supply of 21 million coins ever to exist, this makes Bitcoin the “only fixed asset in the galaxy,” as the Winklevoss twins recently noted.

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