Pomp’s Bitcoin To-Do List For US Govt…

History will frown upon those who do not embrace Bitcoin and crypto early…or god forbid, not at all….Here  Pompliano gives his two cents on the matter and how the US should secure its future by embracing cryptocurrency….

‘If you want to build a Bitcoin or crypto-business, come to…’

“We should encourage every single entrepreneur, innovator, and investor anywhere in the world, [by saying] if you want to build a Bitcoin or crypto business, come to the United States. We will be the leader in this technology.”

He went on to say,

“We will incentivize you to come here. We will give you a sandbox to play in that will not be onerous from a regulatory standpoint. We will give you [an] advantageous tax environment to come in to build this.”

It’s worth pointing out that Pompliano also touched upon crypto’s growing market cap, with the exec stating,

“…the liquid part of the market is now over $2 trillion of economic value that has been created – that is more economic value than every single technology unicorn [that] has been created since 2000.”



Master Asked on October 7, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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